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Welcome ... 

From facilitating group learning processes around race equity to curated youth spaces and helping develop curriculum for deeper relationships with youth, my job is to meet you where you are at and give you tools to strengthen your journey of competence. I am mind, body, spirit connected and passionate about the work I put into the world and am committed to not only adjusting systems and organizations but helping to foster better relationships with ourselves and our communities.


As a professional consultant and a queer Black womxn I strive to show up as my whole authentic self at all times, unapologetically. I do not believe in the need to separate parts of myself to work in professional environments and in fact find that creating partnerships while being my most authentic self allows for not only better quality work from both parties but gives spaces for others to also show up and take up space in a way that feels right for them.




EmpowHERment is a space for femme, gender fluid, non-binary, and/or female identifying womxn+grrls of color to come together in community to honor ourselves, our cultures, and our communities.

WoC in Tech fosters communal healing spaces for grrls and womxn of color to strengthen metacognitive skills and digest collective societal trauma through inclusive tech-based programming.


Seattle, WA, USA