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Pacific Northwest native, Janell is driven by their background in youth development work and believe in the essential need of fostering open spaces for people to build connection, emotional intelligence, and social awareness. Highlighting the fact that you cannot heal from the generational effects of racism if you do not create opportunities to “digest” it.

They received her bachelors from Eastern Washington University in Gender Studies and Sociology in 2015 focusing on race politics and social justice. The last several years have

been spent researching and implementing their own applied theory of communal health in youth programming across King County. And the facilitation of workshops on decentralizing power within both educational settings and for the re-centering marginalized voices in expanded learning opportunities. 


Rooted in directed service work they stay grounded through their self started program “empowherment” that focuses on belonging and self-exploration through social-emotional learning strategies for female-identifying, gender fluid, femme and non-binary persons of color. They also serve on the board of directors for Gay City: Seattle’s LGBTQ Center and GoKic (Geeking out Kids of Color)