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In a society where elements of joy and worthiness are strategically and systemically hindered for youth (people) of color .. as adults in solidarity it is our duty to curate spaces that recognize, celebrate and promote Black joy as an act of liberation.


Empowherment is a space for femme, gender fluid, non-binary, and/or female identifying womxn+grrls of color to come together in community to honor ourselves, our cultures, and our communities. The Empowherment program is founded on the theory that we need intentional time and space to start to heal from the effects of generational trauma and intersection of racism and grrlism.

Brown/Black Grrl Magic

The program essentially is a two hour curated space that starts and ends with a dedicated cultural mindfulness practice. In the two hours we will do anything and everything from circle work, social-emotional learning activities, discussing current events, creating and planning activism + social justice youth events, interactive mini workshops around strengthening confidence + leadership skills, and overall submerging ourselves in all things Brown/Black Grrl Magic. 

The curriculum holds aspects of mentorship (peer to peer and adult to youth), community building + sisterhood, teaching sociological and critical race theory, gender theory, emotional intelligence + self awareness, strategies on how to facilitate and engage with your young people on a deeper level, aspects of adultism + how to stand in solidarity for youth voice, how to teach restorative justice to young people, long + short term group projects, and pages of Brown/Black grrl centered reading/book list, and more.

Youth Voices

 6th grader

Rainier Prep

10th grader 

Tyee High School

10th grader 

Mount Rainier

7th grader

Chinook Middle School